What People Say Windy City Self Defense

Overall Feedback

Hosting the Women’s Self Defense seminar is one ot the best things we have done for our members. Everyone who has taken Jeff’s seminar has told me they walk away from it feeling confident, safer and more aware of their surroundings. In fact the seminar is so successful we offer it three times a year for our members and it is always full. – Kelly Bojan, Program Director, Oasis Women’s Fitness and Spa

The class was excellent, 4 Stars. Absolutely excellent. The instructor as wonderful and the information priceless.

Thank you so very much for organizing this, it was more beneficial than I can express in words. Thank you.

This was one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a while. I am very glad I went. It was educational, mind opening and confidence building.

The class was great! Every woman should take this class. Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

It was enlightening and empowering.

I feel more confident that I not only know more about how to physically defend myself, but also how to better avoid needing to! I will encourage all my friends to attend!

I love it. I have to say that it was great for me to learn. I feel safer knowing some moves that could help me and my children. Plus it was nice to go home and show my 16 year old daughter what to do so if she was ever faced with a problem she would feel empowered to do something.

What was the most important part of the class?

Being able to physically practice the defense maneuvers really felt empowering.

I think the most important part of the program was learning how to be mentally and physically prepared to defend yourself.

Feedback on the Instructor

A good speaker, knows how to keep the audience alert and attentive.

Excellent, considerate, engaging.

Very enthusiastic, Knowledgeable. An engaging speaker

I really enjoyed Jeff’s presentation. It was clear he is extremely knowledgeable in self defense and enjoys his job and teaching others. I felt his method for delivering a difficult lesson and message was handled very professionally. I would recommend his services.

The facilitator was great. He was very enthusiastic and knew the topic very well. He was a good communicator of the material and being sensitive to the topic, while making sure we knew the seriousness of it.

I thought he was great. He was very energetic and passionate about what he was teaching us. I really feel that he was there to help us be safe and he truly hates crimes against women.

I thought he did a really good job. It was hands-on experience and he displayed enthusiasm and expertise in the area.