Workshops Windy City Self Defense | Chicago, IL

Show your employees that you care about their safety. Foster a sense of empowerment and confidence at your organization. Give the members of your team potentially life saving skills. The Windy City Self Defense Seminar lasts approximately 1 hour or 1.5 hours and gives attendees the skills needed to get out of a bad situation quickly and effectively.

The first thirty minutes focuses on the psychological aspect of an attack, covering the natural tendency to panic and ways to control that reflex. Maintaining a proactive stance, seizing the moment, reacting without panic and training the body and mind to react in the quickest and most effective way possible greatly increases the chances of escape from an assailant. Do something and do it fast and aggressive. Change the paradigm. Become the attacker. Understanding the frame of mind needed to deploy the physical maneuvers may be the most important concept covered.

The next hour involves interactive demonstrations and time to practice the physical actions that will stop any man of any size. This is not martial arts. This is the quickest way to stop an attacker; no kicks or punches, throws or twists, one shot and done!

Combining mental attitude and physical fortitude significantly increases the chance of avoiding or escaping a threatening situation. This self defense seminar provides comprehensive training for people of all abilities in both areas.